Keeping your family healthy with air duct cleaning

The health risks of letting your air ducts go are pretty well known. Pre-existing health conditions such as COPD, asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues can be made worse by dirty air ducts. Regular air duct cleaning can help keep your family healthy, your home and office clean, and reduce breathing and allergy problems.

Ducts can accumulate a substantial amount of dust, pollen, and mold over time. These irritants can aggravate your allergies or have other unwanted effects. Cleaning your home’s ducts, on the other hand, may help keep your family healthy all year. Let’s look at what you find in your air ducts and how cleaning them can help your family stay healthier!

Keep Mold from Growing in Your Home

If mold spores grow in a duct, they can swiftly travel throughout the rest of your home. This could result in considerable mold growth in your home’s basement, attic, or other dark and moist locations. Mold allergy symptoms include itchy eyes, persistent cough, and dry skin.

Those consistently exposed to mold may experience cognitive deterioration or a change in mood in some situations. Fortunately, when your ducts are cleaned, the mold and all the remnants of it are removed. This leaves you with clean air ducts and, in return, cleaner air to breathe.

Reduction of Static Electricity

A person with dry skin in a dusty environment may be susceptible to the effects of static electricity. Most of the time, static electricity is just an annoyance that can be prevented by applying lotion or increasing humidity in the air. On the other hand, those with pacemakers or similar devices may be badly injured if they come into contact with static electricity. Cleaning your home’s air ducts might help reduce the dust in your home and help with static electricity too.

Keep dust and Dirt From Sticking To Your Clothes.

Washing your clothing may not be sufficient to remove all dirt, dust, or pollen. Removing these and other particles from the air may stay cleaner and healthier at home, work, and school. This can be done when you have your ducts cleaned. Dirt, dust, and pollen accumulate on the walls of your ducts. It can also spread it all over your carpeting, which in return will need to be cleaned as well. When you have your ducts professionally cleaned, you are helping reduce the amount of debris in the air and floating around the building. This can help the area stay cleaner overall, not just help the air quality.

Do Professional Air Duct Cleanings Help?

While you might keep a very clean home, you don’t have the capabilities to keep it at a professionally clean level. Sure we can vacuum and dust often, but the level of cleanliness provided by a professional air duct cleaner is unmatched. Having your carpets cleaned and your ducts will ensure that your home’s air quality is the best it can be. It will also help improve the overall cleanliness of the home as well as make it more of a healthy environment to live in. 


How SEO Services Can Help Small Businesses

SEO for small businesses

Growing a business is not a sprint, but a marathon. It is a process that involves being found, being loved, and being patronised on a continuous basis. In modern times- with the proliferation and intensive use of the Internet and its tools- promoting a business often involves putting it online. Like multinationals and large corporations, small businesses can also take advantage of the Internet to promote their goods and services. But having a business online is not enough, you must work to ensure it is found. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. 

People want to be able to interact with brands when they want to and for as long as they want without facing pre-existing, structural limitations. They don’t want to be restricted by your 9-5. They desire streamlined and unique experiences online to do it. Therefore, you must modify your online presence in a bid to stay visible, be more available, valuable, and relevant to customers and potential customers. SEO helps you do that. But what exactly is it and why is it important to your business? 

Simply put, SEO refers to several activities that local businesses can conduct to increase their visibility online, direct traffic to their website and encourage visitors to stay and make a buying decision. It is often concerned with keyword optimization for organic SEO and paid promotions. Furthermore, if you run a local business and you want people around you to find you faster, local SEO is the way to go. This will help you rank higher on search engine result pages and generate much needed leads. 

seo can help businesses

Below are six (6) major ways SEO can help your small business. 

  1. Improves Brand Awareness 

There’s no better way to get your brand out there than using local SEO. If you offer plumbing services in New York City, it is important your page pops up every time someone in the city or outside searches for “plumber near me” or “plumber in New York”. But it’s not enough for it to pop up, it should appear on the top half of the first page of search engine results. Your digital presence must be visible in organic searches. Even if searchers don’t visit your site or buy anything at the end of the day, they subconsciously begin to identify your brand as a solution to their problems. 

  1. Boosts Credibility 

There’s nothing better than building a credible brand. When you’re constantly viewed as having a solution to problems, your relevance builds as well. Furthermore, people tend to trust brands that rank at the top (just below the ads) of big search engines like google. This is because organic rankings are done based on relevance, user experience, trust, and many other factors. You will not rank high on search engines if you do not meet these requirements. SEO helps you get there and stay there. 

  1. Budget Approach to Business Growth 

Compared to traditional advertising like television, newspaper and billboards or even outright digital advertising that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to several millions annually, an SEO campaign may only require between $10,000 and $60,000 annually. Small businesses can benefit a lot from SEO to build their brands and put them on the digital map with little investments. If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand, earn visibility and gain patronage, this is one effective way to go. 

  1. Easy to Track 

This is another way SEO can help your business. You need to be able to track your progress- Return on Investment (ROI), traffic, engagements, etc- using tools like Google Analytics. While it is difficult to do this using traditional advertising, this digital tool is often entrenched in SEO management and is automatically generated based on visitors’ behaviours on your site. This helps you know how far you’ve come, how well your SEO methods are working, and what changes need to be made in the future. 

  1. Attracts Customers via Organic Search 

SEO helps to generate traffic to your site through keyword optimization, hyperlinking, and content relevance. If you’re a top result, you’re helping to fulfil a need. According to a study by Brightedge, more than 53 percent of all web traffic is derived from organic search. Your click-through rate can be increased and even doubled by merely appearing at the top half of Google search results when searches related to your products or services are made. You’ll attract customers because they will see your brand as relevant and credible. 

  1. Great Web Experience for Customers 

Authority-building elements are an integral part of SEO. Components like back links, page speed, user interface, etc, all make your site interesting and easy to surf around. It is not just enough to attract visitors to your site; you must make their experience worthwhile. They should be able to navigate your menus and pages hassle-free and with good speed. Otherwise, you’ll lose them. SEO makes this experience worth their while and keeps them coming back repeatedly. 

Where to start… 

Getting started with SEO means you know what you’re meant to do. Updates are released annually to help you know what methods will get you the best results for your business. This guide provides useful information on how you can go about your SEO. If you’re skilled, it is something you can do yourself. Otherwise, engage the experts. Search Engine Optimization is a professional task, and you must endeavour to get it right. You can look at top the top Maui SEO agency Ocean Epic and seek advice or a free consultation. If you fill more comfortable working with a local agency, then you can you look on Clutch Agency directory


What To Do After Being Arrested For DUI

While we all strive never to be pulled over by police because of driving under influence, we are likely to be faced with this situation once in a while whether or not you guilty. But if it so happens that you are arrested or charged with a DUI, it is critical to handle the matter the right way to avoid the serious consequences that come with a conviction. When you are caught driving while under influence of either alcohol or marijuana, you are certainly going to feel nervous and worried about what lies ahead, especially if you are a first-time offender or just getting into tan an arrest for the first time. Preparing and putting together the right strategies can go a long way in ensuring your case is handles smoothly and that you are handed the best judgment. In this blog post, we help you understand some of the things you should do or expect to help you put your best foot forward immediately after being arrested or charged with a DUI.

Take a Breath Test

The officer arresting you will ask you to take a breath test. You need to ensure that your rights are protected during this procedure. If you are in doubt about your rights, it is essential to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer before deciding whether to submit to a test or not. You should insist that the officer explains your rights and that failure to submit to the test might lead to a cancellation of your license. If your test returns a BAC above 0.08, you are likely to have your license suspended for at least 3 months. In the event you refuse the test, it might be used against you during the trial. But DUI refusal is often the best to argue in a court since the jury is left to contemplate what your BAC could have been. However, you should be careful since a conviction of DUI refusal can attract harsher penalties. It is important to let your DUI attorney know beforehand to help you know whether or not to take or refuse the test.

Prepare for a DOL Hearing

If your BAC happens to be above .08, or if the officer alleges that you refused to take a breath test, you can also refuse the administrative DOL License suspension. But the suspension of the license is not the end, you still have the opportunity to side-step the suspension. You can look up the colorado drunk driving laws here.

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

DUI charges are some of the most complex charges to deal with across various jurisdictions. The consequences of a DUI can affect many aspects of your life, including your job., license, and general quality of life. Therefore, it pays to let a professional and experienced DUI attorney work on your case immediately you are arrested for driving under influence. The field of law is wide and not every lawyer can handle a DUI. You should not settle for a general law practitioner. While it is true that all lawyers have undergone thorough training and passed the bar, only DUI attorneys have the requisite expertise to help you with the challenging cases related to DUI.

When you hire a good DUI attorney, you have the chance of retaining your driving license, besides representing you in a trial. They will do so by tearing into the weaknesses of the prosecution and ensuring your rights are preserved. A good DUI has the necessary expertise to interrogate the following:

The legality of the stop and the field sobriety tests. They will question whether or not the officer administered the tests improperly and whether the driver was coerced into submitting to the breath tests.
• Whether the officer violated your rights
• Whether the confessions were illegally taken
• If the tests were filled with mistakes and if such mistakes had far-reaching implications on the BAC results.
• In all of the above, the DUI lawyer understands the counter-evidence to adduce before the jury and how to expose the prosecution’s weaknesses.

Attend Your Court Hearings

A DUI lawyer understands that aside from the court hearings, you have other things to handle. While your DUI lawyer will represent you in court, it is important to attend court sessions whenever required, since failure to attend such court proceedings could warrant an arrest. The good news is that your DUI may help waive the requirement to attend a court session so that you have enough time to do your other things.


Top Of The Line Lawyer SEO Firms

It is the dream of a lawyer or an attorney to remain at the top position in reaching customers wherever they are. Usually, an attorney wants to lead the world through his law website services. However, his dreams come true only if he approaches an exemplary lawyer SEO firm to fulfill the task. The popularity of a lawyer depends upon the lawyer’s competency and popularity through online SEO strategies. The Lawyer SEO strategies aim at delivering or generating new business to the lawyers who need it. The new business possibility is achieved through website reach to the customers by maximizing the search engine optimization process by an experienced SEO firm.

The lawyer SEO firms give their customers fast and sustainable results in a shorter period. This has become possible through their professional skills and years of experience in the SEO field. They knew how to bring the lawyer service website to the top position so that it reaches many customers from all parts of the world. Once the lawyer site reaches the top position in the search engine sites, the customer inflow to the site is massive thereby bringing business to the attorney easily. Not only the top position in the search engine, but a long-term ranking success is achieved by the eminent lawyer SEO firms online. The topnotch SEO lawyer firms aim at delivering full SEO services and a full web marketing lawyer service. The main objective of bringing new clients to the attorney firm is fulfilled by the lawyer SEO firms exclusively. The lawyer SEO assures the attorney office that the brand of the law firm could achieve a complete overhaul besides optimizing a website. The promise of the SEO firm is exactly fulfilled without any deviation to many lawyers who reap a lot of benefits nowadays.

The SEO strategies of the lawyer SEO firm are topnotch to grow business of the attorney organically. The SEO firm never compromises quality for the sake of money and purely legal and logic methods they follow. Having understood the exact need, and challenges faced by the law firms in the country, the SEO firm targets the audience needed by the attorney. Hence, they work closely with keywords researched by the customers on the internet when they need legal advice. The research on keywords gives them a clear-cut idea about the demands of the customers from the lawyer on the internet. Accordingly, the website of the lawyer is pushed to the top position in the search engine by the SEO firm.

lawyer SEO

The keywords are picked upon competition, keywords’ search volume, the commercial aspect of the customers while typing the keywords. The task of investigating competitor’s keywords on the internet is done by the professional lawyer SEO firm. Based on the result after investigation, the exact keywords required by the customer are framed by the firm. The other major aspects which an SEO firm for lawyer look after are security, speed, mobile-friendliness, schema related technical issues are sorted out so that the website ranks top position on the internet.

The client expectations are fulfilled beyond the imagination by the professional lawyer SEO. The technical features for a website to reach the top spot in the search engine are exactly known to the good SEO firm that deals with lawyer website rankings. The attractive content, headings, ensuring professional key phrases, and all other search engine optimization strategies are adopted by the SEO firm. The new client to the law office is the success of the SEO method and hence generating business is the prime aim of the lawyer SEO.

The SEO firm performs digital competitive analysis, create local citations, optimizing local SEO content, tracking the SEO campaign and evaluation of strategies for the successful optimization process. These technologies improve the traffic to the website of the attorney which will focus on converting into prospective customers. The content of the lawyer’s website must include their services offered to the clients, working hours, appointment schedule, contact details, testimonials, and case studies, if possible, videos of their offices, details of the cases handled and expertise. These details attract a customer quickly to the website with great expectations. This task is engineered according to exacting standards by the SEO firm for the lawyer.

Benefits of Marketing for Plumbers

Just like most businesses, plumbing is competitive, but it’s an ideal business venture for anyone starting small and from scratch too. Marketing plays a key role in the growth and sustainability of your business. It is actually the foundation upon which your plumbing business holds. Without it, you have no prospect; neither do you have projects worth speaking of. Look at Plumbers for example. They use every medium possible to expand their footprint in the marketplace, and it works!

The use of a variety of marketing tactics does help. These include getting ideas about what others are doing in the industry. What is more critical, is that you establish key business relationships that are dependable from within and nearby your business establishment.

Another key provision that you would want to have is the relevant certifications that allow you to carry out required plumbing work for your clients.

The best thing about your plumbing business is that you can choose your specialization within this industry. It could be entirely service-oriented, or product-oriented, or even a combination of both.

Advantages that come along in marketing for plumbers:

Constant Flow of Jobs

If you are doing your marketing online, you meet many clients from every corner of the globe. This is because your website is running 24/7 and accessible to millions of potential clients. As such, the idea of getting a consistent flow of jobs, 24/7 is not a mirage but a reality.

This is more so if you have an SEO friendly website. In this era, when people are living and moving on the fast lane, your customers also want a plumbing expert who is readily available when they need a job done. This becomes the best opportunity for you to showcase not only your skills but also a timely response to client needs. By so doing, you built a reputation for your excellent work.

Close Customer Interaction and Collaboration

The opportunity to interact with your customer base always arises as you get on to work. This allows you to know your clients’ needs. At the same time, you have the ability to cast your net further through referrals and customer reviews. If you are doing online marketing, you are likely to establish a strong presence in the digital arena. It becomes also easy to get feedback and reviews. Your plumbing business can move like bushfire especially if you have positive reviews. The potential for business growth becomes as possible as you can ever imagine.

Room for Growth and Expansion

Marketing opens up a channel through which you meet many clients. You can also interact with people in your niche, learn from them, and adopt best practices for your business. If you wish, you have the opportunity to hire qualified employees too.


Marketing is a business strategy the can propel your plumbing business to greater heights. This becomes so, especially when done in the right way. It helps you to know who your clients are. If you want to really be efficient, business relations with suppliers can be of great help for you; they can come really handy whenever you need equipment and tools urgently. Greater Online presence enables you to meet as many potential clients as possible.

SEO versus PPC: What Are The Pros And Cons Of SEO and PPC

The primary options to achieve increased site traffic are SEO and PPC. When done properly, businesses get high rankings on the SERP (search engine results pages). Although the listing can take some time, the application is a well worth the initial investment. On the other hand, which method is superior? Read on for the pros and cons of both SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies.

When considering the two approaches, you need to know the key differences. PPC involves paid ads coming on every page, and on the other end, SEO is free. Many times mixing both strategies will help your business get extra revenue.

What Are The Pros?


1. Builds Your Reputation


The aim of applying SEO is to create the basis of your website traction. The use of potential keywords increases your visibility during a search. On the side of PPC, you outrank competitors by giving clear meta descriptions. But, you also need to provide valuable products and services relevant to the targeted keywords. Remember many potential clients trust and use natural results to measure credibility.

2. Source of Site Traffic

Becoming more visible determines the performance of your internet based site. SEO will naturally rank you but needs a lot of patience. While for PPC, the instant influence on your customer’s numbers depends on the amount paid. The more you spend, the higher the rank you achieve, so searchers get engaged to your site. So, you need to ensure visibility to gain favor to your brand.

3. Returns on investment

The significant web usage provides a solution to searchers. The perception of purchase in turn influences and forms your most significant wins. So SEO and PPC tactics are the game changer in delivering details about your brand. Without doubts, many clicks impact the buying cycle positively thus good ROI.

4. Costs

Yes, for you to get a great listing, some costs must be incurred. SEO is a free tool that drives site visitors while PPC is a paid marketing for target phrases. Both are good to your brand, and the venture is useful for SEM. The more you spend, the higher the awareness to potential buyers. On the other end, you increase site traffic through quality content.

5. Sustainability and Value

Both SEO and PPC strategies depend on the total clicks to give an impact. PPC offers a short-term, but an instant increase in site traffic. On the others side, SEO for business is slow but has a long lasting visitor growth. Even the new sites employing basic digital practices gives decent user understanding. With your daily efforts create a natural effect to sustain your business even when you stop marketing.

What are The Cons?

No strategies offer rainbows, SEO and PPC deliver specific cons. Many sites experience slow traffic and may discourage users and decrease the rankings of a website. The procedures are implied to provide immediate returns, but with PPC, once you run out of the budget, the search engine stops displaying your ads.

The ads also appear instantly, but the clicks do not always relay to direct conversions. SEO also undergoes a learning stage and calls for tweaks in the content. Also, the quality of the site grows over time and calls for patience.

Many things need consideration to decide between SEO and PPC, but you can get the rankings by investing in both digital strategies. You get a higher ROI by either paying or adequately executing content on the website. With PPC you set the pace for the long-term sustenance when you start using SEO. With that insight, you will have no question about the better approach for your business.

Unlock Professional SEO Article Writers Secrets

seo secretsThe process of writing is simple. Writing is not about using big words to impress. It is all about using simple words impressively and creatively. For creating good content, a writer has to work hard. It involves research and artistic skill to develop a compelling piece of writing.

Here I am sharing some useful tips for improving your writing skills.

Keywords Research:

Research of keyword plays a significant role in writing SEO content. Analyze your competitor and check for what keywords they are promoting their service. Another most important way is to find out what people are searching for.
Use the keywords correctly: The keywords which you are going to final, make sure those keywords have the right amount of searches and use those keywords in your Meta title, Meta Description, page title and in between the content.

seo keywords
Keywords Density:

After completing proper keyword research use those SEO keywords in your content. Make sure you are not using each keyword again and again. According to Google Guidelines, keywords density should be 2-3 percent only. Keep this in mind and use your keywords accordingly.

Catchy Heading:

Before starting to write content, create an eye-catching title for your SEO Content. Not even user, but also Google loves to prefer something new and different topics. Your Heading is the first impression of your content.

Use of Heading Tags:

Always make sure you are using proper heading tags in your content, for example, if you have more than subtopic, which are essential to use, use them in an H2 tag, here I assumed your title is already in the H1 tag.

Selection of Topic:

Selection of the topic is also a big deal. You have to choose that topic which is in trend or people are searching for them frequently. Trending topics will always give a boost to your post.

Content Quantity:

If I talk about content quality then I prefer to write unique and different content. Content should be in proper format. The user always prefers to read that content that has pinpointed data.

Visual Impact of Content:

No one is interested in reading tedious and lengthy content. Always add some eye-catching images or video related to your topic. It not only attracts to the user but also helps to user to engage with your content.

Analyze and Edit Your Work:

It is always a best practice that before doing public your content read it twice. If you find any error, then correct it. Make sure that when you write you do so in a program that has both a grammar checker and spell check and always use it.

Track Your Content:

Do not sit idle after publishing your content. Use Google Analytics to monitor your content activity. How many users read your content on a daily basis, what are the demographics of your user, is the staying on the website or leaving quickly. Google Analytic helps these entire factors. So do not forget to implement Google analytic code in your website or blog.

Just follow these simple steps before writing SEO article for your website. Hope you find this content interesting and useful.

Why Should Businesses Market on Facebook?


Before talking about why businesses should market on Facebook, I want to ask some questions.

  1. Do you have your Facebook Business page?
  2. Are you using Facebook to its fullest?
  3. Are you spending your money on Paid Marketing?

As we all know today Facebook is the most widely used social media platforms and even people are also using Facebook to get information about Businesses, but still, there are a lot of businesses who are not using Facebook. So if you are one of those people who has not yet created their Business Page on Facebook then this post is definitely for you. In this post I am going to share the benefits of having a Facebook page and why all Business should have a Facebook page.

Business Page or Business Profile?

Before promoting business on Facebook you should know the difference between Business Page or Business Profile. Most business owners use business profiles instead of a business page. After creating an account in Facebook we have two options, one is a personal profile or business profile where we can add our Business logo, cover pages and also has options of updating post on a daily basis but unlike Facebook Business Page, we cannot get followers in our Page.

By creating a business page, users can simply LIKE your page, also able to engage in a more comfortable way.

In short, Facebook Profile is for Person, whereas Facebook pages are for businesses.

Benefits of Creating Facebook Business Page

Facebook Benefits

Testimonials and Reviews – If you create your Facebook business page as a Local then you have the option to get reviews from your customers or clients.  Even you can also ask for reviews from your previous happy clients.

Reach a Targeted Audience – As we know Facebook has millions of active users, but not all users requiring our business services. To get benefits from the Facebook audience, we need to reach specific target audiences who have the need for our business.

For Example, if I have an online men’s watch store then there is no need to target people who are looking for Clothes.

Organic Reach – In Facebook via likes, shares, and comments on your post, you can get a good amount of Organic Reach. This type of exposure is referred to as organic reach. The more you engage with your business page organic reach of your Facebook page will increase.

Call-to-Action – At the top of the business’s Facebook page you can create a strong call to action. This call-to-action can be used on your page in a few different ways, such as:

Facebook Marketing Benefits.png

  • Shop now
  • Call now
  • Visit us
  • Sign up
  • Learn more

Calls-to-action helps to generate leads or attract customers to visit your website and also increase click-through rates.

Use Facebook Insights – Facebook Insights is easy to understand and provides great information for business owners. Via Facebook Insights you can easily check few metrics like:

FaceBook Insights

  • The Reach of your posts & page
  • Engagement of the page
  • Number of new Likes of Unlikes
  • Post Performance… and many more

Facebook Advertising- With the help of Facebook paid marketing you can specify who will see your ads based on factors such as age, gender, device, location, and interests.

Be Mobile Ready – Do not forget to optimize your page not only for desktop but also for mobile devices because when people visit your Facebook page via a mobile device then they saw the following details:

  • A phone number to call directly from the Facebook mobile app
  • Hours of operation
  • Address
  • Reviews

Hopefully, these benefits have convinced you that having a Facebook business page is an absolutely right decision. So friends start creating your business page now.

SEO Guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization and defines all the optimization activities of a website aimed at improving its position in the organic results of search engines such as Google and Bing.

The process of optimizing a website involves 3 activities:

  1. Technical Optimization. This phase allows search engines to access and index correctly the pages of your website. Doing SEO also means adopting innovative solutions such as AMP 1 ]and 2 ] to respond to the evolution of user research.
  2. Creation of Contents. The contents of your website will have to respond to different research intentions 3 ] . If they will be appreciated by users, they will also be appreciated by search engines, because they are aware of having provided the best answers to their questions.
  3. Content Promotion. Promoting content designed to be shared is a crucial step in the success of your SEO campaign. Being quoted with a link from authoritative sites is an unequivocal way to tell Google that yours is a quality website.

We can therefore say that SEO is a perfect combination of technical optimization and marketing strategy.

How Google works

Before starting to optimize a website, you need to understand how search engines work:

  1. Scan or Crawling – Google scans the Web for new content with sophisticated programs called crawlers 4 ] . Find new pages, the spiders follow the links found to discover new content in a continuous chain process.
  2. Indexing or Indexing – Google stores a copy of the contents scanned into an index. The index is stored in high-powered servers so that it is available in real time.
  3. Positioning or Ranking – When the user performs a search, the algorithms of search engines, evaluate on the basis of the positioning factors , which content responds better to your information request.

How to define an SEO strategy

When dealing with a process of SEO optimization for a new customer it is important to know that the possible activities to achieve the results are really many and only after gathering all the useful data we will be able to make the right decisions and offer professional SEO advice.

Some activities may be more efficient than others in specific situations and markets, so it is not possible to define the universal SEO strategy. In some areas, backlinks still win, in some it is very useful to write content, in others it is important to be active on social networks …

The best SEO strategy is that which adapts to the environment and to the players involved, and that is why we will start talking about two specific activities aimed at studying the reference market in depth and then moving on to the technical analysis of the website and only eventually we will define potentially more effective strategies.

How to define an SEO strategy

To define the SEO strategy we will have to face 4 different activities :

  • Analysis of research habits
  • Analysis of the online competition
  • SEO Audit, technical analysis of the website
  • Definition of strategies

Analysis of research habits

To generate quality traffic it is important to intercept the right keywords and gain visibility on these searches, so let’s start with the analysis of keywords and the generation of an effective keyword list .

Do you think it would make more sense to position yourself for “necklaces” or for “pearl necklaces online” ? Although the first term has much more traffic than the second, it is clear that the second term is much more oriented towards conversion and therefore to generate money and profits for the customer.

In the early years of the Internet it was easy to find little-minded niches and positioning itself by strategic terms was not the exceptional enterprise of J. Ax. Today it’s not like that anymore . Google has in its index something like 100 million Gigabytes of web pages  (about 46 billion pages estimated) and although the “visible” web is just the tip of the iceberg considering the deep web, Google has admitted not to have sufficient resources to index all the visible web and often must delete resources that it considers of low value. Free space is only in memories?

So we understand that it is no longer easy to find free market niches, there are pages on anything that comes to mind. Through a correct and profound analysis of users’ research habits it is possible to give a value of convenience to each term and find again some precious opportunities. This value of convenience is called KEI and is calculated by comparing the volumes of search traffic and the SEO competition.

There may be cases like this:

  • Keyword 1: traffic 1,000, competition SEO 10,000, KEI = 100
  • Keyword 2: traffic 1,000, competition SEO 100, KEI = 10,000

Data in hand, who would choose the term 1 to optimize your site? I bet no one. However, when I analyze customer sites, I often realize that this analysis was not done and who runs the website has no idea what these numbers are.

Analysis of the online and market competition

I like to explain myself with examples … Consider these two cases:

  • Situation 1: The client wants to position himself for “Hotel New York” with a new site and a budget of € 1,000
  • Situation 2: the customer wants to position himself for “handcrafted shoes online” with an online site for 10 years and a budget of 10.000 €

As we can imagine, the work and effort required are very different for an SEO working on these two projects. In the first case, perhaps the efforts will never be sufficient to achieve the desired goal by the client. Where do I want to get with this example? What I want to emphasize is the importance of understanding the level of competition in the sector in which the customer operates. In detail we have to assess the feasibility of entry into the market, to understand if the niche is saturated or not and if the customer will have the opportunity to emerge with important positions in SERP.

Let’s start with the analysis of the competitors and the reference market. We define the steps to follow to structure a correct analysis of online competitors:

  • Starting from the analysis of research habits, define a set of high-traffic keywords and industry specifics – we use 10 to 20 keywords extracted from the previous analysis, non-generic but conversion-oriented terms and strategic terms for the client’s business .
  • Analyze SERPs and the results shown – Are there many AdWords ads that take care of organic results? Do local results get more visibility? Does the image box appear in the SERP? Are there any videos? What kind of sites appear on the front page?
  • Identify the most common competitors – Based on the queries made with the set of keywords defined in the first step, which websites appear most often on the front page? Are they direct competitors or are they informative sites?
  • Evaluating competitors’ online strength and authority – Do the most recurring sites have strong and growing backlink profiles? Do they get many social signals? Do they link building?
  • Understanding the strategies of each competitor – Which traffic channels and content sharing do the competitors use? Do they have the local page on Google Plus? Do they use Facebook? How often do Twittano? What level of engagement do they have on the various social networks? Do they collect user reviews?

These are just some examples of questions we have to ask ourselves when we have to study a market niche. The more answers we give and the simpler it will be to define a winning SEO strategy.