The legal space is very competitive in the world today. There is increasing online competition for DUI attorneys and clients rely on the internet for good lawyers. DUI attorneys have websites that are well structured on the internet to woo clients. They ensure websites rank high and create a good rapport to connect them with clients.

SEO for DUI lawyer is a needed skill because apart from ranking your website high, there are small tweaks and tactics that will increase your websites exposure. There are website elements; on-site and off-site that need to be configured so that sites rank well in search engine results.
The tactics and SEO strategies for optimizing websites that need to be applied to make the sites more effective.

1. Leverage aggregator sites

These aggregator sites are databases that rank websites for search engines, like Avvo and Yelp. DUI attorney websites should leverage them instead of fighting them for space. You can also pay for ads within these sites, for example with Avvo. This way Avvo helps capture traffic by bypassing the Cost-Per-Click required for legal keywords inGoogle

2. Keyword research and mapping

This is the process of optimizing sites based on the intention of the keyword. DUI attorneys should focus on purchase-intent and info-intent keywords. These keywords are phrased with a purpose to get more traffic to the website. They also indicate the client is ready for legal services.

Find out what clients search for and what they are interested in. The search volume of the keyword and the competition on it is vital. For example, the word Lawyer may have more searches than Attorney but the competition while using an attorney is moderate hence favorable.

Keyword research and keyword mapping are very important and DUI attorneys need to know the phrases to use get the target audience. Use keywords that are related to your area of practice and phrases related to your main keyword.

3. Website Structure

The website needs to be well structured so that your new clients go from the home page to where they can find your contacts. You need to connect with your clients’ step by step until they are contented to hire you. Make sure the content in your website answers all their important questions. A good search optimized website needs to have informative content, callouts, and internal links.

The website interfaces should be user-friendly and easy to use. You can group related content and have a step by step navigation. For single specific service firms, have exact match domains for the URL structure. For example, even if your firm offers many services, have a single service URL for DUI attorney.

Firms that offer multiple services can add additional service pages. This makes them eligible to rank higher for niche searches hence capture more traffic.

4. ContactInformation

DUI lawyers’ contacts should be placed on the most important point of a page on every page of the website. Have many different ways in which the clients can contact you.

Learn about Google Places; it allows you to control the information Google presents to people who search about your business. Learn about and use Pay-Per-Click and website conversions.

5. Schema

This is the HTML code that is used to make the content in your website understandable to the machine. Search engines can piece together content using this code and find the relationship.

The attorney’s schema enables search engines to connect content with a related law firm or legal professional. On an SEO for DUI Lawyer website the schema should be applied to attorneys contact information, attorney names and biographies

Schema-marking up your content helps increase the rates of click-through on search results. Schema markups can accompany text snippets, be site links and video thumbnails.

6. Reviews

Reviews about your website will help rank it high for local searches and also in the search engine result page listing.

7. Links and SocialMedia

Have links on your social media, and regularly post links to related and owned accounts. Social media has created ways to get to many people easily, post your content and links in associated groups and forums.


Lawyers now more than ever are required to market their sites online. Clients go online to get informed about legal services and possibly call and hire lawyers. With a comprehensive SEO for DUI Attorney website and a perfect online marketing plan, you can make sure you rank high on search results.