What To Do After Being Arrested For DUI

While we all strive never to be pulled over by police because of driving under influence, we are likely to be faced with this situation once in a while whether or not you guilty. But if it so happens that you are arrested or charged with a DUI, it is critical to handle the matter the right way to avoid the serious consequences that come with a conviction. When you are caught driving while under influence of either alcohol or marijuana, you are certainly going to feel nervous and worried about what lies ahead, especially if you are a first-time offender or just getting into tan an arrest for the first time. Preparing and putting together the right strategies can go a long way in ensuring your case is handles smoothly and that you are handed the best judgment. In this blog post, we help you understand some of the things you should do or expect to help you put your best foot forward immediately after being arrested or charged with a DUI.

Take a Breath Test

The officer arresting you will ask you to take a breath test. You need to ensure that your rights are protected during this procedure. If you are in doubt about your rights, it is essential to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer before deciding whether to submit to a test or not. You should insist that the officer explains your rights and that failure to submit to the test might lead to a cancellation of your license. If your test returns a BAC above 0.08, you are likely to have your license suspended for at least 3 months. In the event you refuse the test, it might be used against you during the trial. But DUI refusal is often the best to argue in a court since the jury is left to contemplate what your BAC could have been. However, you should be careful since a conviction of DUI refusal can attract harsher penalties. It is important to let your DUI attorney know beforehand to help you know whether or not to take or refuse the test.

Prepare for a DOL Hearing

If your BAC happens to be above .08, or if the officer alleges that you refused to take a breath test, you can also refuse the administrative DOL License suspension. But the suspension of the license is not the end, you still have the opportunity to side-step the suspension. You can look up the colorado drunk driving laws here.

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

DUI charges are some of the most complex charges to deal with across various jurisdictions. The consequences of a DUI can affect many aspects of your life, including your job., license, and general quality of life. Therefore, it pays to let a professional and experienced DUI attorney work on your case immediately you are arrested for driving under influence. The field of law is wide and not every lawyer can handle a DUI. You should not settle for a general law practitioner. While it is true that all lawyers have undergone thorough training and passed the bar, only DUI attorneys have the requisite expertise to help you with the challenging cases related to DUI.

When you hire a good DUI attorney, you have the chance of retaining your driving license, besides representing you in a trial. They will do so by tearing into the weaknesses of the prosecution and ensuring your rights are preserved. A good DUI has the necessary expertise to interrogate the following:

The legality of the stop and the field sobriety tests. They will question whether or not the officer administered the tests improperly and whether the driver was coerced into submitting to the breath tests.
• Whether the officer violated your rights
• Whether the confessions were illegally taken
• If the tests were filled with mistakes and if such mistakes had far-reaching implications on the BAC results.
• In all of the above, the DUI lawyer understands the counter-evidence to adduce before the jury and how to expose the prosecution’s weaknesses.

Attend Your Court Hearings

A DUI lawyer understands that aside from the court hearings, you have other things to handle. While your DUI lawyer will represent you in court, it is important to attend court sessions whenever required, since failure to attend such court proceedings could warrant an arrest. The good news is that your DUI may help waive the requirement to attend a court session so that you have enough time to do your other things.